Jefferson, GA 2016 Senior | E. Barford

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? - Dr. Seuss -

A flair for fashion, makeup and hair styles - Jefferson Senior Emily Barford displays her fun loving personality in her every day style. She loves art, music, and aspires to pursue a career in the medical industry where she can help save peoples lives. Emily is a free spirit who loves going on adventures, visiting new places and trying new things. This spirit made her shoot a blast because she was not afraid to do something out of the norm to make her photos unique!

Jefferson, GA 2016 Senior| H. Ramey | Jefferson High School

Follow Your Istincts. Be Curious. Dream Big. Love What You Do. Love Learning. Keep An Open Heart and A Strong Spirit. Have Fun.

Halee - you are one-of-a-kind girl! Your sense of humor and energy made this shoot super fun for us. From sharing the love of taking photos, to wading in the water with you -- I am so glad that we got to be apart of making your senior experience an amazing one. Your bright and outgoing personality , your quick wit, and that killer smile -- not to mention "the eyebrow" - definitely made this a memorable photo shoot.